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  1. Hey Anshu, I have the following environment on the host machine: Windows 10 Home x64 (1809) Citrix Workspace (1812) Citrix Virtual Desktop specs: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 x64 Intel Xeon Silver 4110 @ 2,1 Ghz 3 GB Ram I hope I could help.
  2. Hello, When is it expected to get new version of Enpass 6 Beta? Is this forum the only possibility to check the latest version status? Thanks, Peter
  3. Hello Guys! First of all, I'm happy to have Enpass 6 portable beta finally available. Good job! However I have serious problems using it. I would like to use it on Windows 7 remote desktop system (Citrix), where I don't have any admin rights. First startup runs all right, I can import my database from OneDrive, Chrome plugin also connects and works fine, until I lock my database. After locking, I'm not able to reopen, as the program freezes permanently, while using 30-40% CPU constantly. If I close the process, and restart, it freezes after I select my database path. I couldn't find log anywhere, so I can't attach it. I hope this issue can be solved until the next beta release. Thanks and regards, Peter
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