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  1. I have enpass 6 installed on a Linux Debian 9 desktop, ios and OSX 10.14 and all synchronized to owncloud/webdav. It has been working fine for the last 1-2 years. Now I changed the master password on the linux desktop a few days ago and it was working fine afterwards. Then today I want to open enpass and neither the old nor the new password works anymore! While it is still working on ios and osx. I have tried to purge reinstall on the debian desktop (also tried to move the ./config/sinew.sin file and Documents/Enpass folder), and reinstalled from a local backup, a backup from the owncloud and one from the ios. It worked once from the local backup, but the same process never worked after that neither from the local, owncloud or ios backup. I'm running out of options at the moment, I cannot use enpass on Debian, which is my main work desktop, so this is is a substantial problem for me. Does anyone have an idea what I can do to fix this other than not use Debian or enter all the hundreds of passwors again ?
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