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  1. Hi @Anshu kumar and thanks for the reply. I am using Enpass on one device only - Windows 8.1. Enpass is installed on the system drive and only the vault is located on an external usb stick. I launch Enpass. It opens the vault from my usb stick automatically (I've changed the vault location in preferences). I type in the master password. The vault is opened, BUT I have to go to preferences and reenable: browser extension support, the "minimise to system tray" option (other preferences which I do not use are possibly also lost)
  2. Hi, I've noticed that Enpass does not save certain preferences. Every time I open Enpass I have to: 1) re-enable the browser extension support in preferences and 2) dismiss the sync reminder (the message suggesting I add an external sync option which I do not intend to do). I am using Enpass on Windows 8.1 with the vault located on an external drive.
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