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  1. Update: The failure is occurring when using a computer running Linux Mint 19. I've just booted up my Windows 10 laptop, and exported from Enpass on there without any problem. Failure on the Linux computer is not solved, but at least I have a workaround to get the exported file.
  2. It fails in that nothing gets saved. I have tried to save both as .txt and .csv files, I give it a name, it gives the impression that the file has been saved, yet when I go into the folder specified (yes I checked it's the correct folder) there's nothing there!
  3. I have installed the Enpass extension numerous times on both Windows 10 and Linux Mint machines, on Chrome and Firefox. However today, attempting to install the extension on a Linux Mint machine in Firefox it fails, saying the extension is corrupt. I successfully installed the extension on the Chrome browser on the same machine a few minutes later. Have tried again, rebooted machine, still says extension is corrupt. Any assistance appreciated.
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