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  1. I have found a workaround for this scenario mentioned above. Enpass, youre not going to like this though. The only way to not have the master password opening the secondary vault is to simply delete the secondary vault when not in use then when i need it, resync it. This is THE ONLY way that full security can be achived in enpass because in order to open the secondary vault : 1. i would need to enter the master passrd first 2. Then, enter the cloud storage password to access the DB 3. Then, i would need to unlock the secondary vault with the super strong password So you see, the only way i can use Enpass securely is to not use it at all!!! Come on people, surely you can see the madness in this? mat
  2. I totally agree with AP, i would like to see Enpass include an option to manually open vaults one at a time without auto opening everything as a default My main use case here is that i have one vault which i regard as being mission critical and the other that i simply use for everyday use (i even have one i use for general notes). The mission critical vault contains banking and sensitive ID information and the other is less critical and is used more for convenience. Furthmore, the financial stuff contains links and paswords to access quite a lot of money. I have the password to this vault commited to memory and it is lengthy. In the worst case scenario someone could easily use my fingerprint under force to acess this information while it is accessible by the master password/fingerprint. I simply do not like opening the whole lot all the time, it makes me uneasy. I may even have to rethink my secure storage if this isnt resolved. Sorry Enpass, youve got a good (ish) user interface going on here but there is a massive security assumption that youve got completely wrong. mat
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