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  1. Thanks all. I just upgraded and somehow my Desktop sync w/ changes made on my Phone and my Phone picked up all the changes on the Desktop!
  2. Ok, I can upgrade. Interestingly, I only see one DB for some reason (which would appear to be v5 coming from my desktop). In Google Drive, there's a folder called: "Enpass" that only has one file: sync_default.walletx Scratching my head where v6 backup ends up. Where should I expect to see it on Google Drive?
  3. I'm running the Mac Desktop application (v5.6.11 (155)) and it's configured to sync with GoogleDrive. If I edit my vault and manually sync it to GoogleDrive the timestamps match the updated timestamps displayed in Enpass for the last sync time. When I open Enpass (v. 6.0.6) on my iOS device, which is synced to the same GoogleDrive account, my mobile app says it successfully syncs with GoogleDrive but the vault never updates. I've tried uninstalling the app, unlinking the sync account, and I've had no luck. All it does is restore the same old version. I know this because my desktop app has 31 items in but my phone ends up with 27 no matter how many times I delete the data and try again. One thing that would be really helpful to see across all these devices is a hash/timestamp of the synced file the vault is synced with. Is there something wrong with my phone app and it's unable to see new items in the vault updated past a certain date? Both the desktop and mobile versions are paid.
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