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  1. I did that. When I try to load the json file, it asks for a password: "Please provide the master password of the backup file". NOTE: enpass was originally defaulting to look for an "Enpass file" when I select "From this PC -> Backup file". My json file backup did not show up, so I selected "all files". When I enter the password I created for enpass, enpass responds "Incorrect Password". What is strange is that the json file is completely readable. I can open it and see all the fields including the passwords - nothing is encrypted. How do I import my information from a json file after erasing everything?
  2. I exported my data to a json file in enpass. I then deleted all records in enpass. Finally I imported the json file I saved above. - After selecting the file enpass outputs "Ready to Import. 224 items found." - I press the "Continue" button, and enpass outputs "Success. 224 items have successfully been imported into Empass". I then press the "Done" button. However, *no* items appear in Empass under any category, such as under "All items". Empass is still empty of any data. What is wrong here?
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