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  1. Thank you, @Garima Singh, fortunately, as of today the problem has solved "miracly". I already rebooted before with no solution. Well, happy it's working now again!
  2. As of today, the problem is there again. This time in Firefox on a new Laptop. Really weird. Any suggestions?
  3. Update: the problem solved itself! After having it for about 2-3 weeks it just disappeared today. I did not change anything (not even a restart) and there haven't been any updates (firefox, enpass, ...).
  4. My operating system is MacOS 10.14.5. Firefox (67.0.2), Enpass (6.1.0) and the plugin (6.0.2) are up to date. Thanks a lot for looking into this problem!
  5. Since one week my Enpass Firfox addon isn't working probably. Whenever I open the drop down window it's scaled down to 25% of the normal size and the the rest is colored red (see screenshot). However the mouse clicks are taken as if it would be displayed normally. Therefore, the addon is not usable anymore since I cannot click password entries, buttons etc. I already tried reinstalling the addon but the bug is still there. Does anyone has an idea what I could do?
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