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  1. Hi, A few days ago Firefox started "blocking" the Enpass assistant. If I click on the extension icon in order to bring up the assistant, I just see a quick flash of the notification that says that the assistant is ready, but that's just a split-second, and then it vanishes. The assistant never pops up. It's almost as if Firefox is blocking it. Eventually I removed authorization for Firefox from within the Enpass desktop app, to see if that would make a difference. Now, when I try to bring up the assistant, it opens a new tab that shows the authorization code which I would need to enter in the desktop app, but that tab is then also closed a split-second later. I've gone through my Firefox settings (which I haven't changed in ages), but can't see anything that would cause this. I think I'm missing something obvious somewhere. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you.
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