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  1. Yay! Uninstall and reinstall of Enpass worked. Phew!
  2. My windows 7 home premium system crashed with Enpass open. Enpass version is I had to use a restore point from 6/25/19 to get my system back up and running due to a program I installed for backups that totally blixed my system. When I opened Enpass after the restore completed and my system is aok again, it acted like it's new install asking me to setup a new user or restore my data. When I selected my backup file that it lists from June 19th, it says it's invalid. It says all my backup files are invalid. I tried signing in as a new user with my same master password. It said it could not create the vault at this time. Now when I try to restore from backup it doesn't see any of my backup files anymore, though they are all still in my backup directory. I'm going to copy my backups to another folder for safe keeping and try reinstalling enpass if I don't get any response to this soon in the hopes a fresh install will read my backup files. I have no access to any of my links or passwords or anything now. Total Panic IS Ensuing. Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook Enpass version is
  3. I am researching switching from Windows 7 Home Premium OS to a Linux OS. I plan to copy my user desktop files and folders to an external drive. Then move everything into the Linux OS. If I install Enpass in Linux and then restore an Enpass backup file from the Win7 system, will it import all my Enpass data into the Linux Enpass program? Would using an export file to CSV work as well or better? Linux OS I am thinking of trying are: Linux Mint-Cinnamon / Zorin core or ultimate / Manajro XFCE / Ubuntu
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