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  1. I'd first like to register some frustration on how poorly the version 5 to 6 transition (and dropping of platforms) was communicated. I've been a long time user of both the iOS, UWP and WPF versions of the application for many years and never received a single piece of communication about any of these changes. While I understand the reasoning behind them it's left me in a awkward position. Having three different apps (iOS, UWP and WPF) over five devices I didn't notice the lack of sync between the two devices stuck on version 5 (in fact they happily synced between each other) and the other three. This has left me in a "split brain" scenario where I have a set of changes in the version 6 database in OneDrive and another set of changes in the version 5 file. I need a strategy to reconcile these changes into the version 6 database. As far as I can tell the only format the version 5 UWP app will export is the backups in walletx format. I cannot see any way in the version 6 WPF app to restore or import this format of file. What is the best way to get back to single version without losing my data?
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