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  1. Hi Anshu thx for the Response. Please let me know if not exactly clear which functionality I am Looking for
  2. Hello, I recently switched from another Password Manager to Engpass and now realize the autofill seems to work only within Browsers using the Extension. my Question is : is there a way to enable a Hotkey to open enpass and search for username / Password or other fields for a specific Windows on my Desktop ? Examples what I am Looking for as this is Kind of key for me and works with my previous PW Manager perfect : - bank account program Login : this is not in a brower and I need to open enpass manually to search for a record, earlier I had a Hotkey and everything was selected automatically - my paperless Office scanning process : when scanning a document a dedicated window opens and my Password Manager should offer me the Options to select a records and add Information from an entry into the scanning document ( Kind of automated renaming of PDFs for invoices, insurances etc ) - etc I have few situations where I Need this ( & got used to it in the meantime ), so this is essential for me. Before I switch back to my previous app , Maybe I was not able to find that Setting and it is possible in enpass I am not an experienced enpass user, hence the Question and I don't want to use both Tools in parallel for longer time before I possibly find out if this is possible or not. Thx for reading, apoligize my english Regards Uwe
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