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  1. I've just shifted to Enpass from another password app, as it does most things that I need as well if not better, and provides a nice clean interface. One thing that I do miss though is the ability to do keyboard-emulation auto-fill for windows apps. With my previous app, I could open a windows app to its login screen, then bring up my password safe, select the correct entry, hit a hot-key, and then the password would autofill using a configurable key combination (default to <username><tab><password><enter>) by emulating keyboard input into the last window accessed. It would be great if the Enpass Assistant could do a similar thing - when I'm prompted with an app's login screen, bring up the Enpass Assistant which then determines the app based on the window identification, finds the matching entry (or entries) and then autofills without me having to manually copy and paste the password.
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