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  1. Hi, any idea on how to get over this? This is really frustrating and preventing me from replacing 1Password with enpass as manually copying around 500 passwords is not really an option... Kind regards, Johannes
  2. Thanks. This was too easy to check this on my own. Thanks! Now I am all set to go.
  3. Hi, the export itself is not a problem. I have also checked the content of the file and it is fine. I am also able to import the cvs file. However, the title of all imported items is empty altough a dedicated attribute seems to get created (labled title) which contains the correct titels. I would want the titel to be imported into the native title field so it also shows up in the listing.
  4. Hi, I am trying to purchase the premium version (win 10 store) of enpass. I am running my PC (and all software in general) in english. This typically works fine. However, after adding my payment details, the form for the address is prefilled with the country UK (which is wrong). I have already checked my windows profile. This seems to be fine and recocnizes that my prefered language is english but my country of residence is Germany... So there must be something wrong with the windows store linked to the installed enpass version on my PC. (I also only get the price shown in GBP) Kind regards, JS
  5. Hi, I am a new user of enpass and was trying to import my existing data from 1Password. When I choose the recommendet way of creating a .1PIF file then the import wizard is simply not showing it in the folder were it is definetly located. I have already moved the file to c:\tmp\backup.1PIF to ensure that there is no issue with the lenght of the path etc. didn't help. If I try to import the data with the cvs export than the files (including the 1PIF) are shown in the browse dialog. However after the successfull import the "titel" is shown as a additional attribute and the actual titel of each item is empty. Any suggestions on how to get the data transfered into my new environment? Thanks JS
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