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  1. Hi I wanted to use the portable version of Enpass but I get an error message when I want to use the password generator or when I want to import a database from Keepass. The program crash. I use Enpass portable 5.5.6 with Windows 7 64bit
  2. Hi Anshu I found the culprit. The Enpass program is not recognized by Comodo, its HIPS blocks the process. There I had to change the rules. I want to know why "Enpass.exe" and "Enpass helper" need to connect to the outside. I have my firewall alerts. If I block "Enpass helper" Enpass does not.
  3. OK t'hank's. It's very good program. Good job
  4. So every time I run Enpass I have to select the location of the database? Excuse me for my English. I am using Google Translate.
  5. Hi I installed Enpass on a PC with Win7 32Bit. OK The program and the extensions of browsers work. I then installed the program on my main computer 64Bits with Windows 7. The program installs but then I different problems. Browser extensions do not work. Nothing happens. When Enpass is reduced, it is impossible to get it back. Note: I use Firefox 64Bits release. Do you have an idea ? I tried on another PC 64 bit and I have not had any problems. I do not understand what is blocking?
  6. Hi I use the Cyberfox browser. It use the same source code as the Firefox browser. Firefox applications work properly with Cyberfox But impossible to operate properly with Enpass. I have the following errors Application Name : Enpass Password Manager Version : 5.3.0 Browser Certificate IssuedBy : COMODO RSA Code Signing CA Certificate IssuedTo : Troy Smith Connecting Path : C:\Program Files\Cyberfox\Cyberfox.exe Error : Erreur inconnue LocalAddress : LocalPort : 10391 Origin : resource://jid1-tpts1z1uvun2fa-at-jetpack PeerAddress : PeerPort : 51985 Operating System Name : Windows 2007 Proxy Type : NoProxy
  7. HI I use the portable version. Why when I open Enpass I have to indicate where the database is located. Yet I have checked the box "Remember location for this system".
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