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  1. Hi again I re-installed Enpass on the iPad and that resolved the issue. best regards Torbjrn
  2. Hi, The iPad and the iPhone are running IOS 12.3.1 (without any jailbreaking) regards Torbjörn
  3. I would need help resolving this issue on my iPad (Iphone works). Edit: Re-installing the app might resolve the issue. It did for me at least. The scanned QR code (keyfile) is not saved on my iPad. I am required to select the keyfile manually (the Enpass login screen shows a second keyfile field) every time I am logging in to Enpass. Initially I created a new password including a keyfile locally on my laptop. On my iPhone I changed the Enpass password and scanned the QR code to get the keyfile on the Iphone's keychain as explained in the user's manual. As expected I can use the iPhone's Touch ID to login to Enpass. But doing the same steps on my iPad I am always requested to enter the Enpass password and select the keyfile manually before I can log in. How can I resolve this so I get the same behaviour on my iPad? Any help much appreciated /Torbjörn
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