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  1. Thank you! I have two Onedrive accounts with exactly the same ID (email address), a personal and a work account. They look the same when looking into the Enpass sync-setup page. I did not know that Enpas has a dependency to the account logged in on the browser. That explains why Enpass did not ask for account & credentials when I removed and then reconnected the syncing. I found the Laptop's Enpass app folder in the picture folder on the "wrong" account - of all places, That explains why I did not see any Enpass folder initiially. In summary, I logged out in the brow
  2. ... When I re-enable sync with onedrive the Enpass application chooses the location. Somehow the application seems to remember the Onedrive account and the application never allow me to select the specific Enpass folder/file that the other devices use.
  3. I guess my question is: Where is the Enpass folder located?
  4. Thanks, I use the same Onedrive cloud account. I can only locate the enpass folder that the IOS devices use but not the folder that the laptop uses . The laptop uses Enpass v 6.6.1 (804) and the iPad an iPhone devices use v 6.6.2 (530). I I do not use multiple vaults.
  5. ... When I sync on the laptop I hav e148 entries but when I sync on the other devices/machines I have much more
  6. Hi, I have setup Enpass on multiple devices: Windows 10 machines and several IOS devices. My laptop uses Enpass WIndows 10 (installed from Store) and does not sync correctly. I have tried everything I think including uninstalling/re-installing Enpass. How shall I troubleshoot: What's the steps to get on top of this? Any help is really much appreciated. Regards Torbjörn
  7. Hi again I re-installed Enpass on the iPad and that resolved the issue. best regards Torbjrn
  8. Hi, The iPad and the iPhone are running IOS 12.3.1 (without any jailbreaking) regards Torbjörn
  9. I would need help resolving this issue on my iPad (Iphone works). Edit: Re-installing the app might resolve the issue. It did for me at least. The scanned QR code (keyfile) is not saved on my iPad. I am required to select the keyfile manually (the Enpass login screen shows a second keyfile field) every time I am logging in to Enpass. Initially I created a new password including a keyfile locally on my laptop. On my iPhone I changed the Enpass password and scanned the QR code to get the keyfile on the Iphone's keychain as explained in the user's manual. As expected I can use
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