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  1. Ok, now I've updated directly to 6.5.2 (724), maybe Microsoft store is not updated in Italy with the same time... But the problem remains... this is a HUGE problem, I cannot use ENPASS in any browser now! I've used it for years..... I really dont understand whats going on....
  2. No I have just 6.5.0 and there are no updates in Windows store.
  3. Now there is the same problem also with Chrome plugin, with an additional problem, if I select an item from the plugin it saves the url displayed in that moment as url of that item!! For example, i'm viewing a Facebook page in Chrome, I select the Amazon password in the Enpass plugin, it doesnt open amazon url, and it saves the Facebook url in the Amazon item!!! It's a really huge bug!!!!!!!
  4. ENPASS 6.5 (700) DOWNLOADED FROM WINDOWS STORE enpass-firefox-6.4.0.xpi dowloaded from Enpass site Firefox 81.0.1 (64 bit)
  5. I've no extensions other than Enpass, I've reinstalled it but the problem is not resolved... It keeps doing nothing whan I click on an Enpass item. I've tried in 2 different pc, same problem. I think that the Enpass extension has some issues with Firefox.
  6. As the title, I tried to use Enpass plugin with Firefox in windows 10 but it seems that it doesnt work properly like in other browsers. When i select the item that should bring me to the site and enter automatically, nothing happens. With Chrome it works perfectly... What I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've suggested Enpass to a friend, she downloaded it from iOS store, and she opted for the apple registration to buy the pro version. She received a very complex email registration... why? I thought that the registration email would have been the same of the apple registration e-mail but it's not. Can she change it with apple registration email to set up the pro version in other devices or does she have to maintain that complex address for life? Thanks
  8. Sorry, I've found it, I can right click directly on the category.
  9. Hi, how can I delete a category that I've created? It seems that I cannot do it... I can only make them visible or not, but cant delete it..... it's really wired...
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