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  1. Ar there any news to this topic in the meantime?
  2. Dear Enpass community, dear Enpass developers I'm pretty new to Enpass, but so far I really like it! When I recently inserted my first passwords into Enpass, I decided to add «Tags» to all my entries. With that, I want to make sure to find entries later on, whose title I may possibly not remember, since I need them very rarely, but hopefully I will still know to which of my activities (=Tags) they belong. Now my password database fills up noticeably, especially thanks to the automatic password saving in my browsers, but as far as I can see, the browser dialogue lacks the ability to add Tags to new entries. Yet I still want to keep my database tidy. It’s actually okay for me to manually add Tags to automatic entries later on. But for this I miss the possibility to filter out all entries in Enpass, which have No Tags yet, in order to assign the appropriate Tags to them. Is such a filter already planned or would that be a feature, that could be realized in the foreseeable future? Kind regards Andy
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