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  1. Yes. What I mean is that because of the subscription there is no real advantage over other solutions, sorry for the misunderstanding. As we are all here, we certainly have some devices cannot run Enpass, and that's my point of opening this post: It does not work, and I need/want it to work. We are paying money for something that works, not to be ignored for days and got no clear response for the issue. Your reply also proved that my comments/posts are not filtered and can be seen by others, then why they choose this? I'm dissappointed not just for the subscription, but also for all the bugs, inconvenience while using and this kind of ignorance. I understand that it could be hard for them to support another platform, but the reality is that it does not work. If I pay more money I can switch to something works. Even if I don't want to pay anything, I can find open source solutions that also work. So why should I stick with Enpass or recommend it to others? No offend, my bad.
  2. As I have been ignored by the officials in these months, I'm extremely disappointed and upset about the about Enpass. I bought Enpass on all of my devices and this is the kind of service I received. I've already switched to another service that is open source and it works on ARM devices. I will no longer recommend Enpass to others because of this and the switch to subscription-based licensing. Goodbye.
  3. I'm wondering why you guys choose to ignore my post for several days and then only reply to other people in my post. Am I doing something wrong? By the way, supporting RPi shouldn't be different from supporting other ARM platforms. Sincerely, Kay.
  4. Hi everyone, Recently I got a Pinebook which is a cheap laptop with ARM SoC, I found out that Enpass' official repository does not have ARM support. I also checked the InRelease file, seems there's no ARM support at all. There are also not a lot discussion about this. So is there any plan for supporting Linux on ARM? I believe there will be more and more ARM laptops coming out these days, so it would be awesome if Enpass supports them. And another questions is, with the reality that there are more and more non-x86 machines appear on the market (e.g. RISC-V, POWER), how can I/we use Enpass on those machines? Sincerely, Kay.
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