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  1. Thanks - you're right that I had All Vaults selected. After choosing a single vault I could then move the item. There is a kind of logic in how it works now, but it's somewhat counter-intuitive. I'm glad I can move items though it was becoming an obstacle. Cheers
  2. Trying to bump this again hoping it can get a reply.
  3. Just giving this a bump, I got hit by this limitation again today and it's pretty frustrating. I just want to move an item from one vault to another (both vaults are enabled in Enpass). How do I do that, or will it be added?
  4. Using the Mac Desktop app. I have two vaults set up (primary and a secondary), both are working fine. I added an item to my primary vault by mistake, and have been looking for a way to just move it to the secondary vault without needing to re-create it. When I right-click on the item I see a command Add to Vault, but it's greyed out. I've tried dragging and editing the item, but nothing seems to allow it to be moved to the secondary vault without re-creating it from scratch. I think I might be missing something simple. Thanks!
  5. Hi, new user here and with a scenario much like the original post describes: a team who wants to use a vault that is syncing by dropbox. I have created a vault for our team and specified a folder sync to a dropbox folder that we share. When my team member tries to add the vault from dropbox, the master password I set for the vault is rejected. We have tried using restore and import, and neither method works. Thanks!
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