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  1. Here's the response I received from Enpass: Please note that Enpass is a platform-specific purchase. Enpass has to be bought separately for each platform. However, if you have already made a purchase on iOS, we'll request you to wait and not purchase Enpass for Windows for a couple of days as Enpass is moving to a subscription-based model. This will allow the existing users to restore their purchase on any platform. For more details, please read the blog here. I was able to upgrade Enpass on my windows device shortly afterwards. Although the message mentions a transition to a subscription model, I haven't been charged anything additional - yet!
  2. Hi, I upgraded to enpass premium on my iPhone through the apple app store, however when I attempt to 'Restore Purchase' in the enpass application on my windows 10 desktop I get the following error message: Error while restoring purchase. Error code: 305 I'm unable to upgrade enpass on my windows 10 machine. I've tried closing and reopening the enpass app, rebooting the machine, but I get the same error every time. Has anybody experienced this issue and successfully resolved? Thanks
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