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  1. 2 hours ago, MilesTEG said:

    On iOS there is a beta to fix thos problem. I'm sure they're working on the same issue on macOS...

    But it's strange this is happening now, because before there was no problems...

    Oh so I am not the only one facing this problem! And it seems people are facing other issues also after updating to v6. I hope they release a fix soon.

  2. I am currently running Enpass 6.3.0 (574) on macOS. Enpass, for whatever reason, isn't showing TOTPs. It shows "Invalid TOTP Secret". The same thing is showing up on my iPhone app as well right now after the last sync. I have 28 of these accounts in total, so I don't know how could the secrets just stop working suddenly.

    Anyway, so I tried changing the secret key from Amazon, Facebook, etc. They gave me a code which was like AAAA BBBB CCCC DDDD and when I just copy pasted it in Enpass like I have always done, Enpass continued giving me the "Invalid TOTP Secret" error. Then I removed the spaces in between the text which made it AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD in which case Enpass showed me the TOTP. Such a weird thing because I never had to remove the spaces before and Enpass always worked previously. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

  3. So not every website allows for the same maximum password length. For example, Apple allows 32 characters (largest they have ever accepted for my accounts), Netflix accepts up to 50 characters (from what I remember), Google and Facebook both allow 100 character long passwords (the largest passwords that I have tried). Now, I use the Enpass password generator to generate the passwords and I can customise it to fit my preferences (such as minimum/exact number of upper case letters, digits and symbols. However, I have to keep changing the preferences based on websites.

    Now when I decide to change my passwords every couple of months, it's quite a pain to change the preference for every website (I have about 380 saved passwords!) For example, I prefer my Google and Facebook accounts to have exactly 25 upper case letters, 25 digits and 25 symbols. For AppleID, it's 8 of each (32 character password length in total), and so on. It would be great to have an option where Enpass remembers the preferences for each website from the last time the password was changed/from the last password that I used. That would make life so much easier.

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