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  1. I thought I could add a positive experience related to the new subscription models... I have been using Enpass on my iPad for some time now and was wondering if it would work with my other platforms. So I was happy to see that I could use it with my new Linux system I added to my other platforms. I also works with my iPhone of course. Right now, the only platform where I could not use it is my iMac. But the reason is that the iMac is older and can not be updated with the latest OSX. So Enpass is not compatible with the version of OSX I have on my iMac. Later, I will try to install an older version of Enpass. But for now, my new main Desktop will be Linux based. So yes, after being registered as a Pro user, I can use Enpass on all my systems...
  2. I am a Pro user (I bought the one time payment) and understand that you are changing for a monthly fee version and that I will be able to keep my Pro version, and on all my platforms, which is Mac and Linux for me. but I just wanted to make sure I will also get the upgrades free... I already bought some other password apps before but never paid for the subscriptions, except for a while when I wanted to synch my passwords between all my equipment. But not anymore because I am retired and don’t need to... ;-) what I like with your app is that I can keep them local or use my own Cloud, which I had for many years and still have. That’s what made me try it and buy it after that. But I wouldn’t have done it with a monthly or yearly fee. so as I mentioned, as long as I can keep what I originally paid for, I’ll be ok...
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