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  1. Your collection of Name and User ID which is Linked to the person's identity seems unnecessary and sketchy. Let me put this in another way.....Bitwarden doesn't do it. Enpass touts their privacy as a selling point but actually falls short compared with other competitors. I'm basing this from Apple's privacy disclosures which they required you to submit.
  2. The two that cause me the most concern is your collection of my Apple user ID and name. In the IOS app there is a section entitled: Data Linked to You The following data, which may be collected and linked to your identity, may be used for the following purposes: App Functionality Contact Info Email Address Name Identifiers User ID Device ID Usage Data Product Interaction
  3. Buy Now.....Pay Forever. $54 annual subscription???? Are you joking? That costs over twice as much as my VPN. Your software code has become static with little or no new features. How can you justify a 350% price increase in the absence of innovation and improvements? You were damn lucky to get $12. Best of luck.
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