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  1. ya and by "business partners" you can bet you'll find the likes of facebook, twitter, google and the rest of the lot.


    what irritates me most is that i trusted their browser extension. god knows what kind of information that sneaky thing collected.


    anyways i'm done with enpass. already switched to another service. 

  2. Quote

    We automatically receive information from your web browser or mobile device. This information may also include the IP address of your computer/the proxy server you use to access the Internet, your Internet service provider’s name, your web browser type, the type of mobile device, your computer operating system, country, language, and data about your browsing activity when using our Platform. We use all this information to analyze trends among our users to help improve our Platform.



    We may track your behavior from device to device by gathering the following data

    • Device name
    • Install ID (UDID)
    • Device type
    • Installed OS and version
    • Device Language
    • Device Country

    We use the information we get from this technology to analyze traffic behavior, improve our marketing and advertising.



    You may share your information with third parties such as Facebook.com, Twitter.com, YouTube.com, Instagram.com, and Google.com. If you decide to login to our Platform using these third parties or other social media websites, you are agreeing to let us use and store your profile information from those websites to make better use of any social media features on our Platform. This sharing of information helps us provide you a better experience when using our Platform and services. It also provides us with useful information such as visitor traffic. If you use any of the social sharing icons on our Platform to share our information, you may also be sharing your personal information through social media websites.


    We may share your PD with our business partners. The business partners include general business partners, affiliates, and joint venture partners. We share this information with them so that they can send you information about our products and services as well as their products and services. When you choose to take part in our services and/or offerings, you are authorizing us to provide your email address and other PD to our business partners. Please understand that when we share your PD with our business partners, your PD becomes subject to our business partners’ as well as our privacy notice.


    What is wrong with you people??


    This is beyond reasonable. you are literraly spying on your users who pay to use your product.


    It is worse than those free chinese apps on the playstore. 



    how do i export my password out of your app? i'm done with you. lost all respect and trust. 

  3. So after this last update, i see there are new "autolock" options.


    or maybe they were there before and i did not notice.


    anyhow, i select a few of these "autolock", including for when the system becomes inactive after some time.



    the question is: does autlock disable windows hello? because even though i want windows hello enabled, it unticks itself constantly and i am required to use my 30 character password again after enpass "autolocks" itself.



    am i not understanding how it works? should i disable autolock to keep windows hello working?



    any advice appreciated.

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