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  1. Have had same problem - -emailing support Over 10 times is like talking to a wall. Their answers are repetitive, ignoring content of my email. Have also list half my passwords. Originally paid £12 two years ago- now £49. Cant validate my purchase cos Apple has list my purchase-when 2 years ago having paid , found Enpass not compatible with ios. Complained to Apple- shortly after it became compatible. I am the one suffering for incompetency.
  2. Have had / paid for full version since 2017 on iphone n ipad. Update has relegated me down to Lite. With half my passwords missing. Enpass support useless- saying same emails numerous times in their reply to me: delete app, download again etc. still says on app I have not paid for it. Originally cost a£12 - now £48 for new users, but state that full version will continue if been using it. Down from rec 5* to 1* my recommendation - dont buy. Support useless, repetitive replies.
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