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  1. I've been using 1password for almost a decade but refuse to switch to version 7/x and thus have found myself trying out Enpass. So far it seems to check off all the marks but I'm confused by the browser integration and not sure if I'm missing something. Using a Mac and both Safari and Firefox, I have found that entering a password requires me to click on the Enpass icon to the left of the address bar and then double-click the entry to have it auto-fill the username and password fields. Is there no way to have Enpass show up in the username/password fields on the main page? Is it possible to switch the behavior from double-click to single-click for the password entry? Also, when I tried to register for the Enpass forum to post this, I found no way to create a new password on the fields provided on the signup page. The two lines for password did not offer any autofill or autocreate password options from Enpass (only the iCloud Keychain). I right-clicked and found an entry for Enpass but that opened up the mini browser again without a way to create a new password. The only way I could create a password was to go to the main Enpass app, click + then created password. I tried autofilling at that point but it did nothing so had to copy/paste into the fields. Then I had competing popups for iCloud Keychain and Enpass to remember the entry. I clicked Save for iCloud first and the Enpass disappeared. It never saved the login details. Greatly appreciate any help/advice in figuring out the browser integration and whether I am missing something. Thanks!
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