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  1. Hi Team, Sorry if this is in the wrong place as I wasn't sure where to put it (you guys don't have a "features" area for comments). My issue is that almost every password I set (I use the auto password generator) is marked "weak", however many passwords on sites don't support longer/more complex ones, and there are many times I need "plain English" type passwords even though I know they are less secure. It would be REALLY good if you could specify what you consider a "weak" password globally. There may also be reasons for wanting your passwords to be what enpass considers "weak". While I'm happy to have a flag - being able to control when that flag appears would actually make this functionality far more usable. If you could specify less than number of characters + no special characters + no numbers + no caps - dictionary words (or some combination of this) as being "weak" it would be much easier for me to determine which of my passwords were actually "weak" in all cases.
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