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  1. @Tahreem Thank you so much for the detailed info. I have a much better understanding of the approach Enpass is taking now. Cheers!
  2. @Tahreem Thanks for the reply. I was mostly wondering because 1Password allows a sync to happen automatically when changes are made on both Mac and iOS, without launching the standalone apps. For example, in 1Password: I make a change to a login item from the Safari Extension on my Mac, this is pushed automatically to my vault on the cloud. Then, when I open Safari on iOS to login using the AutoFill Password tool, the login information updates with the new changes as soon as I unlock my vault within Safari via TouchID. I was just curious if Enpass was working on implementing something similar. The key ingredient here appears to be implementing changes to the software that would allow a sync to take place when changes are made from within the Safari Extension on MacOS and the AutoFill Password tool in iOS. Enpass is offered at a much more economical price point in comparison to 1Password. But during my feature comparison, I noticed this sync feature discrepancy. Thanks for the info!
  3. Follow up question: would it be possible to have the sync trigger when unlocking the Enpass database when in Safari attempting to use the password auto fill feature? For example, I add a new login from Safari on my Mac, it syncs to my Enpass database via iCloud. Then I grab my iPhone, attempt to login to the same account in Safari on iOS with the AutoFill Passwords feature, and when I unlock my Enpass vault with TouchID, the new login syncs at that time and I can use it right away. Is this possible, and is it planned for a future update?
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