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  1. 6 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

    Hi @Wolf6660,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Please share the following details so that I can get this issue investigated by our concerned team.

    1. On which device (along with the OS version) you are facing this issue?
    2. Which Enpass version you are using? (Is it a store version or website one).
    3. Did you recently made any changes in your system or updated the app?
    4. Are you using multi-monitor setup?


    1. MacBook Pro M1pro / OS version 12.4

    2. Website version

    3. no

    4. Yes, I am using a multi-monitor system, but the error only occurs on the internal MacBook XDR screen without the multi-screens



  2. It happens from time to time that I can't click anything in Enpass. Ending the App with cmd + q is unsuccessful. Enpass usually only works again after a restart. I installed Mojave

    someone an idea?

    Thank you

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