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  1. Hi, i hope you mean this settings? I tried with both with signature and without. I reset all enpass and vivaldi settings before i install enpass and vivaldi multiple times.i think it is all standard. Vivaldi works on my PC with Code signature.
  2. In my Network i have no proxy and in Windows 10 i need to activate it. i Activate Proxy and try to connect and deactivate it and try to connect. Both don't Work. I try the win 32 but same result. Today i have a new "problem" the autoupdater can't download the new version but find that is a new version available. Is this the same Methode? The message came instantly no timeout. Help this?
  3. Hi, sorry for the late response i forgot that you write back. In my Chrome i can only go to the win10 Preferences, i have no proxy but i add it to the box and activate the Proxy. On Vivaldi its the same, but on both browsers no change. At the moment the world are crazy and i have time. I think i will reinstall my laptop or do you want to find out the error in chromeplugin?
  4. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Win 10 home 1909 latest patches (installed today) Which Enpass extension version are you using? 6.2.1 Which Chrome and Vivaldi version are you using? Chrome: Version 80.0.3987.87 Vivaldi: 2.11.1811.44 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) Latest Version Are you using any Antivirus or third-party security-related extension? I use Eset with Firewall, then i reinstalled without firewall and at end i uninstalled eset completely Enpass Version 6.3.3 (597) additional Software with Networkdrivers Virtual Box, OpenVPN I tried to reproduce it in a VM, but it works in the VM I can't unterstand why the Firefox and Edge can communicate with enpass and why chrome/vivaldi not.
  5. I tried all, reinstall Browser multiple times, reinstall enpass multiple times, uninstall Antivirus, deaktivate Firewall, reboot, ... I have no idea what i can do
  6. Hi i hope anyone can help me ;) Steps to repoduce: Install latest Enpass 6.3.3 (i used native App) Link to cloud webdav when you can, i think this is not necessary Disable Browser Code-Signature (for Vivaldi) Install Extesnion on Vivaldi or Chrome Try to link the Browser to Enpass Browser will show the Passcode but Enpass DesktopApp do nothing I tested it with Edge and Firefox, both work but Chrome and my Browser Vivaldi not. 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Connecting using websocket 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Opening connection on ws:// 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Connection opened 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Connection established on port 10391 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Message parsed successfully 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Greetings from Enpass 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Self Initiating srp. 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Authentication required 24.2.2020, 22:35:47 : Termnating srp initialization process.
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