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  1. I was able to get a refund from Apple and it looks like my status as Enpass Pro has been restored. Thanks for helping get this sorted.
  2. I'm an existing Enpass user who had previously purchased the Enpass Pro version. I recently updated the app to version 6.4.0. Today, I went to the Application to access a password and I was only able to see the first 20 passwords in my vault. To see the rest, I was given the option to pay a subscription fee to access which I ended up doing as I needed the password right away. It appears the app didn't recognize me as an existing Pro customer when I entered the email address that was used for the original purchase. I'm not at all happy about paying another fee to subscribe. I understand that it was intended that existing Pro Customers were not required to pay the subscription fee but it appears this was not possible for me and I'm now out the cost $9.03 CAD with taxes. How can I fix this? I reached out to support who told me to deal with Apple directly about the $9.03 charge. The instructions they provided to restore my Pro Account didn't work. When I go to settings, I see the following option on the first line: "Account" and my email address. When I select my email address it prompts to 1. Continue with Apple or 2. Use Email. When I select Email and enter my email, it says I’m already registered. Support replied immediately to my initial queries but I now haven't heard anything further. Can someone help get this sorted. I've loved the app up to this point but this change seems to have been very poorly managed for those of us who were Pro users.
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