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  1. Hey, Enpass Team, thank you for solving the problem. Since the last update the sync function works again without problems
  2. No, unfortunately the problem is not fixed, but I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem I am using Enpass (Pro Version) on Windows 10 (this is where the mentioned problem exists), on my iPhone 6 (iOS 13.3.1) and my MacBook Air with the current MacOS version (version number is not known at the moment because I don't have the device here). All devices are connected via the iCloud. Enpass itself is always updated, so I always use the current version. On Windows and the IPhone the version 6.4.0 is currently running. @Garima Singh Obviously we need help from the Enpass team
  3. Hello @Garima Singh, thanks for the feedback. I have been using Enpass for over a year now and know that the session expires regularly, so that's okay form me. But since the update there is a bug in it. Normally the session expires about every 4 weeks and I get a red information text the iCloud session has expired. But since the update, I have to disconnect and reconnect every day and I don't get a message that the session has expired (see the first screenshot). Instead, it always looks like the session hasn't expired yet, but the sync still doesn't work and I get the "Disconnect" button ("Trennen" in the screenshot). Do you now and see, what i mean? Regards, Timo
  4. Since the update to version 6.4.0 I have a problem with the iCloud Sync. The connection to iCloud exists (in the settings I see the "Trennen" button (means: disconnect)), but my name and informations about the last sync are missing. I need to disconnect from iCloud once a day and reconnect afterwards. Before disconnecting: After disconnecting and reconnecting: This problem only occurs on my Windows 10 (Pro Version, 64 bit, Version 1709) computer. I hope, anybody could help me. Regards, Timo
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