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  1. @pallentx Many thanks, that workaround worked perfectly! @Garima Singh this needs to be controlled through Enpass and not with a workaround! Hoping for an update soon....
  2. Hi Garima - I know from my point of view I am not receiving any error messages, the sync functions perfectly just we don't have the possibility to choose which OneDrive account we wish to sync to -> that is the issue -> the windows flashes up and disappears -> it defaults to One Drive Business! We need to be able to select which OneDrive we wish to sync to!
  3. Dear Enpass Team, I must also say that my system only now allows a direct connection to OneDrive Business on my company laptop. I have set my mobile to my personal OneDrive account which works fine, but my company laptop still automatically connects to the business account. I see a screen flash with the possibility of selecting another account but it disappears so fast I can't click on "use another account". This needs fixing fast, its a real NO GO!
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