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  1. The folder under Users / Documents is the local database for offline access.

    The OneDrive folder is the one that you have choosen to have synchronized locally as you have choosen to synchronize Enpass with OneDrive cloud storage.

    With W10, you can choose which folder to synchronize and have offline so you can just uncheck the Enpass folder in OneDrive.

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  2. Hello,


    on top of request for Identity / form filling in the browser extension (and waiting impatiently for Enpass to support Edge extensions coming), I would like to know if there is any plan to be able to have the website icon of an URL instead of the limited preselected icon offered ?

    It would be great if :

    - we could choose the icon of our choice

    - the browser extension would automatically store the website icon if available.

    Thanks for great GREAT work on the product.

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  3. +1 on this one.


    I tried to have CB auto-filled but I do not see how it works and the video from Enpass does not show it.


    But more generally, Form filling is a killer feature. I have already 2 members of my family switching to Enpass from 1Password thanks to Windows Hello support (on the Surface and Windows phone) + the fact that the database is not store at Enpass (on the contrary of LastPass).

    But one thing which is really missing is Identity or forms fill-in. This is I guess the single most important feature still lacking on this wonderful Enpass product.

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