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  1. Yup. This has been driving me nuts this week. Thanks for confirming that next update would fix this.
  2. I open a form. Enpass shows me the icon stating that it's active in notifications. I slide down the notifications only to see the enpass option closing on its own before I can even click on it. This happens pretty much every single time. Sometime I get lucky and the option stays for long enough for me to click on it. But usually it just does not work. I am new to Enpass and I do not even know if Enpass is supposed to overlay the option to fill username/password on login forms like LastPass.
  3. I already have a bug filed through email support. But replicating it here to get feedback from the community. Can any Yes Bank customer confirm if Enpass works for them on the login page of their online banking platform? Lastpass somehow managed to work there. But I have failed to get Enpass to work. Thanks!
  4. I do not understand why every single Chrome app I install has to insert their entry in the context menu of web pages. Especially when they have nothing to offer on that page. Enpass is one of them. Please provide an option to remove that option. It does nothing but opens up the app which can already be done from the addon bar or taskbar. Cheers.
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