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  1. Yes. It's typically when the app first starts up as it's checking for a change. Whenever I add/change an entry it causes the sync to fire again which freezes the app. If I can avoid a sync check, it appears to work fine.
  2. The problem came back. It was working well for a small amount of time, but now it's got the long lag right after opening. (Basically when it does a sync).
  3. Hi Pratyush, I disconnected the sync and re-connected it and it 'appears' to have fixed the issue. I'll run with this for a while and update this thread if this change. Thanks!
  4. 1. One 2. Yes / NextCloud (WebDav) 3. 1150 KB 4. 0 5. Windows 10 pro - 10.0.18363 Build 18363
  5. I am seeing this same behavior. Syncing 6.4.1 to existing webdav (Nextcloud). Behavior was not there in previous release. Mark
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