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  1. Ok Thanks for your assistance. I have already reply on the support center to better understand what I have to do to solve my issue.
  2. Dear John I have already exported my contents before my previous smatphone get broken. The only think I want to say is that I have already paid for an advanced account and I have also shared the screenshot of my Purchase Receipt. At this point I think it will be fair from Enpass to allow me to have a new account without pay other money since, I repeat, I have already paid for a professional account. If this will not be possible they have stolen my money, because I will need to pay for an account I have already paid. I agree about the fact that if someone loses their password, it can't be recovered (for safety reason) but Enpass should put me in a position to use the service I have paid. It is not a matter of how to recover my data (I have already a backup of them) but I need to use the service I have paid. I will change the title basing on the feedback I will receive from the support, otherwise I think the title is right!
  3. Thank you for your reply! I have the manual backup using the export function of Enpass, so I haven't lose my data. But I cannot access to my previous phone because it has broken so I have a new phone but I cannot enter to enpass using my previous account since I have forgot the master password. I only can create a new user but I cannot understand why I have to pay one more account since I had the Pro-features in my current one (that I can't have access on it since my old phone doesn't run - not not even with the biometric). This is my situation. Hope to have clarified enough Thanks
  4. Thank you for your kind reply. In the past I started with the free version but after a bit of time I paid for the licence. I have reached the support for ask how to recover the master passwored. They said to me that is not possible. In the meantime I need to change the smartphone so I reinstall Enpass and now I can enter my previous backup, but like before, I haven't the master password, so, for example, I cannot use enpass on my pc like before (with the master password). So I need to return to the full use of the app, both with the touch id and with the master password. When I re-install Enpass, if I choose existing user, Enpass ask me the master password to enter, and if I choose new user, I can build a mew account but I have to pay to have the licence (although I have already a licence for Enpass).
  5. Thank you for your support, but sincerely I haven't understand how to do what you are describing me.Basically I need to use a new account to be able to create a new password (previous password has been lost) to have full access to my data (which I will copy from my manual backup) both on the phone and the pc. Anyway I have already bought the full licence in the past so I would like to avoid to spend more money again. Thanks
  6. HI, I have bought Enpass professional edition some years ago, to be able to insert more than 20 password and I lost my master password! I continue to use Empass using the fingerprint but now I was forced to change my smartphone and I need to install Enpass again. But now, without the master password i cannot do it again without create a new user and pay again. I will follow your suggestion and will get in contact with Support. Thanks
  7. I bought Enapass when it costs a few euros and I have reinstalled a new account since I have forgotten the main password and it is impossible to recover it! I want to buy the app to use more than few password but.....now it costs more than 30 euros!! And it seems that also when you bought the professional version they continue to ask for money to protect more and more! This is a theft!!! Why there isn't a special price for who have already a professional account and forgot their password? Why I have to pay more than 30 euros when I already pay for that in the past and I forgot my password? Why I payed 9 euros and now you are asking more than 30!? I think I will choose another app because the have become too much unfair!
  8. Hi, I know that is not possible to recover the master password but I can open enpass on my smartphone using the fingerprint. If I am already into the Enpass app why I cannot recover the main password? If I want to buy a new smartphone how can I insall Enapss to the new phone without having the master password? Can I backup my data since I can access to my data using fingerprint? Thanks
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