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  1. Hi @Garima Singh, Thanks, I was able to resolve my problem by searching for the Enpass folder, which I found in the Apps folder. Previously, I had renamed an old Enpass folder to "Enpass 1", which may have caused the problem I was having. To fix, I downloaded the latest Enpass file as a backup, then deleted both Enpass folders and reconnected and resynced all 3 devices. John
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Here are the versions of Enpass I have installed on 2 Windows PCs and 1 iPhone 7 plus. I followed your initial instructions, but the iPhone 7 Plus Enpass app refuses to sync data from/to the Windows Enpass programs. The 2 Windows 10 Enpass programs sync fine with each other. I deleted the Enpass file and folder from my OneDrive account, but it seems as if the iPhone Enpass application has it's own file/database that I can't find there and keeps on restoring data from. I don't get any error messages, other than the new records I enter don't sync from iPhone Enpass to Windows Enpass and vice-versa. I don't have automatic syncing set up. It's really strange. I used to see a folder and file for Enpass long ago when I first installed it, but now I can't find it? Is there a hidden folder/file? Also, how does one "disconnect sync"? iPhone 7 Plus (ver 13.5.1) ver 6.4.5 (467) Windows 10 Pro (ver 1909) ver 6.4.3 (666) Windows 10 Home (ver 2004) ver 6.4.3 (666) Thanks, John
  3. I've noticed even after upgrading to the latest Enpass program for both my iPhone and Windows 10 PC, the syncing no longer works with OneDrive. I've even disconnected the syncing on both devices and renamed the Enpass folder and file, and reconnected, but no syncing happens. On both devices, the Enpass app even says it "syncs" with OneDrive, but no Enpass folder and/or file is created in OneDrive.
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