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  1. It is strange that both notebook models; Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 and Samsung Galaxy Flex 2 after reboot will require to retype Enpass master password. I purchased Galaxy Pro 360 and also tried another model Galaxy Flex 2 to install Enpass window version to test. Both have TPM 2.0 enabled but both stated that master password is required after enpass reboot. Don't know what is wrong. I have Samsung Galaxy Flex 1 before and it can use window hello after reboot. See whether there is any idea how can resolve it.
  2. I found out that if a windows device is encrypted, 3rd party win apps cannot help to unlock the windows. As my notebook was encrypted already, I think my preceding concern does not exist.
  3. Thanks for your reply. As I just purchased your product which is mainly for my android, I am evaluating whether it is safe if I store one Enpass copy in my notebook which I will also bring along outside. I find out that there is 3rd party win apps on market for resetting a PC password or to unlock a windows PC. Then I think after the notebook being gained control by the one who got this notebook, he could gain full admin right to change the password and also the win Hello authority, say adding his own biometrics. In that case, could he directly gain access to open the Enpass content by biometrics without a need to use a master password to unlock the Enpass.
  4. I found out that each time when I restart the PC, I cannot use the window Hello to login. I need to type my long length password each time. After unlock the Enpass, window Hello icon reappear in the login page. My two Lenovo X1 PCs exhibit the same pattern of login requirement;;. Is it a problem for my PC or a general requirement like when you restart your smartphone, you cannot use your fingerprint login for the inital unlock.
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