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  1. Hi, Thanks again for your response. The folder you mentioned exists, but it is empty. I found this file "Enpass_Backup_2018-04-06_22-48-34.walletx". Is this a backup file I can restore and if yes, how?
  2. Thanks for your response. As far as I know there was no backup. My first question would be; is it a known issue that Enpass decides to wipe everything and starts as if you use it for the first time? (to be clear, I have user "a" on my iMac, under which Enpass stored all my passwords then I created additional iMac user "b", but when I logged back in as user "a", this happened) My second question is; what is the file location where I might find my data and restore it on my iMac?
  3. Michel.Schnabel


    Today I created an additional user account on my iMac. But when I login with my primary account again, I lost all my passwords and Enpass acts like I am a new user. How can I get all (around 100) my passwords back? This is really frustrating because I stored them nowhere else! Thanks for your advice!
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