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  1. As I stated in my earlier post, I have tried the Enpass master pw and the dropbox pw. I do not have any record of another pw
  2. Thank you. Disconnected and reconnected on iMac and MacBook Pro (running OS 10.15.4 10.15.5 respectively). Both working with Enpass 6.4.2 (688) On iPad Pro and iPhone XR, running Enpass Pro All access (Lifetime) 6.4.4, Ib can setup sync, obtain approval from dropbox and then I'm asked for password of data - see screenshots from iPhone and iPadPro. I have tried using the dropbox pw and the Enpass pw and neuter work. I do not know what this pw is. I look forward to your fix! Sim
  3. Thx Garima, I thought it had worked.... On the iPad, we had success, but now, when I look at settings, I am asked to set up sync again, only this time, even though it connects to dropbox (using the same pw.used on OS)), it states the sync error password of data on Dropbox is required . On the iPhone XR, I had previously deleted the app. So I reloaded it from App Store and it has noewasked for pw of data? What is that (for both iPad and iPhone? Now, the MacBook Pro won't function - it won't accept the master password that worked on the other 3 devices! I hope you can find a solution for all devices! Thanks Sim Goldblum
  4. Hallo, I have been using Enpass for many years, now have fully functioning iMac and MacBook Pro using 6.4.2 and syncing with Dropbox On iPhone XR and iPad Pro, am now unable to sync Enpass with Dropbox. I know the passwords for enpass and for dropbox, but each time I attempt to open iPhone/iPad, I'm advised the sync to dropbox requires master password. Have repeatedly tried to use the correct pw used on iMac without success. I have deleted the app from iPhone, reinstalled and it won't accept the passwords. I have tried to reset the master password for Enpass and on entering the correct pw to provide it's me, I'm repeatedly advised it';s the wrong master pw. Fix suggestions please - app is now deleted again. Thank you.
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