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  1. UPDATE --> SOLVED FOR ME Unistalled the Store app and installed the classic win32 version from the Enpass website (https://www.enpass.io/downloads/): it worked, I've been able to re-sync Enpass on my desktop with my Dropbox account, so I've obtained all my data back. I'm lucky because I also use Enpass on iOS, which wasn't afflicted and remained reliable, so I had another source to get my passwords, otherwise I could never get into Dropbox because the password (as for everything important) was generated by Enpass itself. 100 digits, random letters, numbers, caps and symbols... ). Anyway, thanks to @Gérald S. and @Pratyush Sharma for suggesting. Have a good time, regards. Manù
  2. Greetings, I'm here to ask for help since I'm now unable to login from my desktop. Today, at a very early hour, my pc automatically updated the app from the Microsoft Store, kicking me out of the application and not allowing me to login nor to re-sync from Dropbox. I couldn't even restore my vault by using the file (vault.enpassdbsync) itself, because it tells me that I need to put in a password, which I imagined being the master password, but it won't accept it. I saw on your release notes that you "fixed an issue with restore via Dropbox" in your latest official release (version 6.4.2 (669)); I never had that issue until this latest update, which was supposed to fix that. Another thing I noticed is that the latest version from the Microsoft Store doesn't meet the latest in your release notes. Version on Store is "6.42.662.0", but version on release notes is "6.4.2 (669)". System informations ----> Windows 10 Pro / version 1909 / build 18363.836 ----> Enpass app from Microsoft store / version 6.42.662.0 Could you, please, give me directions? Thank you in advance, regards. Manù
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