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  1. Hi @Garima Singh Thank your time and the instructions provided. Referring to your first question, I set up the primary and secondary vaults on my laptop, and not on separate devices. I set a unique password for the secondary. (Since my original post I've reviewed the manual more and also seen how to copy or move items from the the primary to the secondary vault.) I've not installed Enpass yet on my disabled son's laptop as I wasn't sure when installing it how the secondary vault set-up works. As I need access to both primary and secondary vaults on his laptop I'll jest set up Enpass using my existing user details I've used on my laptop. Regarding my disabled son's 3 sibblings, can I give them access to my secondary vault only so they can access their brothers info if/when required but not have access to my Primary vault? My daughter uses her own Enpass account and my other two sons don't use Enpass.
  2. I’ve set up a secondary vault for my adult son who has severe intellectual disability. He will never use this vault but his sibblings will need access. I want to also keep a copy of everything in this secondary vault into a folder in my own Primary Vault. I’ve not entered anything into his vault yet and need to know what’s the best way of achieving the above please?
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