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  1. Your hints are well meant but unfortunately useless. In addition, do not go into the problem that the user has described.
  2. Das selbe hier. Seit Update kein Sync mit iCloud mehr möglich.
  3. Same problem here with sync via AppleID. Since I had carried out the update, a synchronization with my iPhone from the MAC is no longer possible. Safari does not allow access to the apple ID via Enpass. Firefox leads to the input page, but after entering the apple ID a password is requested, which is unknown to me. When I click on "Forgot password" the apple ID is requested but at the same time the message "Apple ID invalid" comes, which is definitely not true. It is also not possible to activate the ProVersion. A 6-digit code is required, there is a time window for the entry, but it takes 15 - 20 minutes until the code arrives by email !!! I was initially very happy with Enpass, but the problems are unacceptable.
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