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  1. Yes, thank you. Also important is having a normal menu bar, which adheres to conventions on both Windows and Linux and macOS as well. The hamburger menu is particularly annoying to have on a desktop app. One of the most annoying things to see on a desktop app is to have a hamburger menu hiding things that should be on the menu bar.
  2. Scrolling is still horrible. There is still a stupid horrible hamburger menu that makes accessing functions uncomfortable on desktop computer. The desktop app feels like an horrible crossbred mobile app ported to be used on desktop. It is horrible to use. Buttons are far apart from each other, which makes the app horrible to use in general on a desktop computer using a mouse. Enpass 5 used to do everything right and it was awesome. That is why I moved from 1Password to using Enpass - that and linux support. That is the only reason why I purchased the mobile app on both Android and iOS. Only because it had a great Desktop app, which is where I spent most of my time. But Enpass 6 is going in a horrible direction of making the app horrible to use on a desktop computer. The new interface is really frustrating.
  3. It looks like a mobile app with the UI shoehorned to fit in a desktop. It does not use right-click menus, scrolling is weird and fucked up all through the app, and it does not use the standard menu bar - it puts all actions inside a stupid hamburger menu. The old app used to do everything right - the new app does everything wrong on desktop. I will definitely abandon Enpass if it continues in this direction.
  4. When will the next version come? Having the chrome extension disabled is very annoying, and makes the app next to useless.
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