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  1. phg

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    You think that a hamburger menu feels great to use with keyboard and mouse? Big buttons and extra large interface, extra large context menu, extra large interface, which requires lots of mouse travels, while having low information density, are all an improvement over previous version? You think the new settings menu which appears inside the apps own window (and there needs scrolling to see the bottom options) feels great on a desktop? You think that having an app which looks, feels and behave like a uwp app looks great on a Linux and MacOS machine?? I don't even...
  2. phg

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    What good serves allegedly having "more" features when they are frustrating to use and the app does not work? If you cared only about features you would be perfectly happy with a command line app as it would be much quicker to develop and add features. The point is that the user interface really matters on a desktop app, and the Enpass 6 desktop user interface is just horrible and does not work great at all on with mouse and keyboard, because the interface was designed to be used in a tablet with touch as input. It is also extremely insulting that they stated that they will force all users who paid for the app in all platforms to update to version 6, on Android, on Mac and on the Windows Store as well. They force all users to use a version with an interior user interface.
  3. phg

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    Where is the UI polish in Enpass 6? I downloaded the Beta version on my Windows desktop computer and a tablet app appeared instead of a desktop app.
  4. phg

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    Considering how bad the Enpass 6 UI are on Windows desktop, I've been testing other apps, and I really liked Bitwarden. They are free, they have apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, for iOS and Android and for the web as well, they have a good importer for Enpass 5 data. By the way, I think things will get even worse than they are now, because from what they've been saying here and on Twitter, they plan on replacing Enpass 5 with Enpass 6 on Android, so you will have absolutely no other way to use Enpass 5 and your data will become even more locked on this platform. If you ask me, I'd say "get out while you still can".
  5. As I told you in the previous posts, and considering the replies they've given in this post where they have explicitly avoided mentioning any UI improvements for Windows, there is no hope of fixing the app. I recommend everyone who wants a good native cross platform desktop password manager to avoid Enpass. And given other posts, I also recommend that people be very careful about upgrading to version 6 as well, because it seems they are making it even more difficult exporting data by using a non-standard .json format, instead of the .csv version 5 used to accept.
  6. They haven't said anything about improving the design on Windows. In all previous feedback I have given, they answered all the points raised except the ones about the app design. The app doesn't feel foreign and horrible to use with keyboard and mouse on the Mac. It feels bad on Windows as well, because the "UWP" look they adopted, with hamburger menus and weird button placement and lack of right click menu, is designed primarily for tablets. It's not about patience. I'm just making it very clear that the app being great to use with keyboard and mouse is very important to me as a user, and that the Enpass team does not seem to care about this enough, given the current design of the app and given their answers to feedback on the Windows app design.
  7. Does the Enpass team agree with this statement? If so, then there is hope for improvement. Good UX is a feature. Bad UX is a bug. But it does not seem like anyone on the Enpass team acknowledges that the Frankentablet UI is a bug. On the contrary, in every complaint that is made they explicitly ignore all the complaints about this.
  8. The desktop beta versions of Enpass 6 are a disgrace to every other desktop app that I have ever used on Windows. It is extremely keyboard and mouse hostile. The grotesque button placement, the slide out panels, the touch oriented layout. The desktop version just copies everything that is ugly and horrible and uncomfortable to use in the old 1Password 6, all those decisions which AgileBits itself mostly moved away from in the 1Password 7 versions and later. What I really loved about Enpass was that It was a great desktop app that looked and worked natively cross platform, and that it also had Android and iOS apps. It was exactly like 1Password 4 on Windows used to be. That is why I always recommended my family, friends and colleagues to use Enpass. But with the beta versions of Enpass 6 for Desktop, all of those good qualities have been destroyed. More than 3 beta versions have been released, and they still have not managed to fix basic scrolling and button placement. They have not implemented a proper menu bar and they have not moved away from the horrible and keyboard and mouse hostile tablet user interface. Last I checked, there were also a lot of bugs with right clicking as well. So basically everything that makes a proper and usable desktop app is either not going to be implemented, or not going to work properly. There is no hope for fixing it anymore. There is no reason to use a mobile version of a product that is awful to use on desktop. Everyone who wants for a good password manager should switch to another service.
  9. Yes, thank you. Also important is having a normal menu bar, which adheres to conventions on both Windows and Linux and macOS as well. The hamburger menu is particularly annoying to have on a desktop app. One of the most annoying things to see on a desktop app is to have a hamburger menu hiding things that should be on the menu bar.
  10. Scrolling is still horrible. There is still a stupid horrible hamburger menu that makes accessing functions uncomfortable on desktop computer. The desktop app feels like an horrible crossbred mobile app ported to be used on desktop. It is horrible to use. Buttons are far apart from each other, which makes the app horrible to use in general on a desktop computer using a mouse. Enpass 5 used to do everything right and it was awesome. That is why I moved from 1Password to using Enpass - that and linux support. That is the only reason why I purchased the mobile app on both Android and iOS. Only because it had a great Desktop app, which is where I spent most of my time. But Enpass 6 is going in a horrible direction of making the app horrible to use on a desktop computer. The new interface is really frustrating.
  11. It looks like a mobile app with the UI shoehorned to fit in a desktop. It does not use right-click menus, scrolling is weird and fucked up all through the app, and it does not use the standard menu bar - it puts all actions inside a stupid hamburger menu. The old app used to do everything right - the new app does everything wrong on desktop. I will definitely abandon Enpass if it continues in this direction.
  12. When will the next version come? Having the chrome extension disabled is very annoying, and makes the app next to useless.