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  1. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you. I'm in no way saying Bitwarden or the bootleg extension is right for everybody. Enpass should do the right thing as a company and put up the legacy extension. But for those of us who see things as a sign of things to come, and are comfortable running their own infrastructure I'm letting them know there are other options. The Pass passwordstore https://www.passwordstore.org is another cross-platform password manager that is open source and allows you to self host. After I get bitwarden set up, I will be testing between those two. The right combination of convenience and security, for me, will determine what I choose. Some will choose to stick with Enpass as long as they can have an extension that works. To each their own. I'm just trying to do what Enpass itself refuses to do. Offer a little support to those who do not want to be forced into upgrading.
  2. For everyone that hasn't switched yet and still needs access for chrome/vivaldi: https://www.crx4chrome.com/crx/130684/ Of course I can't guarantee that that is not tampered with somehow, so use at your own risk. Keep in mind also, that this is still just a kludgey workaround. The extension will still be updated to the latest Enpass version automatically. So if Enpass cares about it's customers it will still need to provide an official, legacy extension for the chrome web store. In the meantime, i have docker installed and am setting up my own bitwarden instance: https://help.bitwarden.com/article/install-on-premise/ Though bitwarden provides free, very reasonable hosting, I'm not relying on anyone else's infrastructure for my password management storage or sync.
  3. False. TouchID unlock is not a new feature. It was previously available with the Mac version and is no longer available. And given that I'm a registered Apple developer I believe I can say with some certainty that since they already put the effort for this into Enpass 5, it wasn't even more work to get it working for Enpass 6. As a matter of fact, they would have had to do more work to remove the feature in their "free" build. Now, the other premium features, which weren't there before, absolutely go monetize those if you want. But any reputable business stays away from charging users money for things they used to get for free. That's just smart business to not alienate customers ( to say nothing of integrity of the business). Now, with the way they've done this, I a previously paying member for the mobile apps (who would have paid upgrade pricing) am now leaving to go to a competitor, and encouraging others to do so. Especially those I previously recommended Enpass to. Existing chrome extensions that work with the old version of Enpass 5 are not a new feature. You don't need a pin to unlock instead and it is also a nice to have feature. It's all about what they feel like they are best able to monetize. This is what executives do. Again, I understand, it's just business. I just expect better from the companies I do business with.
  4. Unfortunately, Enpass for chrome extension still needs a version on the chrome store. The unpacked extension will not load in Vivaldi because of websocket connection errors to the localhost address.
  5. FYI, A version on the chrome webstore is still necessary. Not an unpacked chrome extension. If we use the unpacked extension, there will be websocket connection errors when attempting to get to the localhost address. ws://127.xxxxx:port
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking into Pass, but I'll check out bitwarden as well.
  7. One main function of the old version I, and you and everyone who has both versions can no longer use is ... synced passwords! The new version of enpass does not use the same database as the old version. That means that every new password created in the new version will not be synced with any old versions. This is a deliberate decision on the company part, and not something that was "needed". I happen to be a software engineer so I am familiar with how these kinds of decisions get made. Likely scenario: an architect decides that they want to 'simplify' things and use a 'better' database schema or whatever, product manager signs off on the change. It gets implemented. Once it finally gets to QA they realize that it doesn't work with the old db. The cheapest solution is to break compatibility with the old database. That would mean that once they upgrade the database you can never downgrade (unless you have very recent backups) without losing data. So the file extension is changed. That way only new users get the new database. Hurray! Except it's not hurray. As they are **forcing** people to upgrade to the new version, while taking away features (see my previous posts). And for what? Better revenue stream. If they actually cared about customers, they would provide a way for the customer to upgrade on their own terms. This is about money, plain and simple. And while you may still be served by there current freemium business model, there are others of us who are not. Furthermore, some of us choose to hold people accountable for their actions. You treat me like a number in a spreadsheet, I will treat you and your product like a discardable commodity. You treat me like a valued customer (and I would think I should be since I actually paid for android and ios mobile versions) and I will happily shut up and give you my money. I'm not feeling very valued right now, just duped and deceived. Especially since I know there is NO technical reason for them to not provide a way to stick to the older versions (via legacy extensions in the chrome store), besides corporate greed.
  8. It is a shame. Time to vote with our wallets. Seems it's the only thing they'll understand/respect from here on out.
  9. "Deise are completely transparent" What does that even mean? And as I pointed out in quite detailed fashion, this IS a BAIT AND SWITCH. The previous Mac version already allowed you to unlock with touchID. I would know, I actually *own* a mac. My problem isn't these features being premium, it's with them changing the rules, and worse, tieing them to apple and microsoft platforms. You can love Enpass all you want. There are those of us who have no further use for user hostile moves like this. I'm one of them. Take away the requirement for these premium features to be a tied to Apple, Google, or Microsoft and I'll actually by their software again. The fact that they broke the extensions for ALL Chrome/Vivaldi users of the old version tell us exactly what we need to know here. This is a money grab. Plain and simple. They could have left the old extension, or added it as "Enpass Legacy" or some such thing. But they didn't. They forced upgrading to the new extension which does not work with the old version of Enpass so you MUST get the new version, and for what. A bluer UI? Please.
  10. So I'm unable to use the extension since you guys put the new one up. That doesn't work since I have not, and will not update to version 6. So it sounds like you need to add an Enpass Legacy extension so I can use the updated version. Since you had the Enpass Beta version up previously, I'm sure you can do that. Alternatively, make sure the new extension works with the old version of Enpass please.
  11. So I'm unable to use the extension since you guys put the new one up. That doesn't work since I have not, and will not update to version 6. So it sounds like you need to add an Enpass Legacy extension so I can use the updated version. Since you had the Enpass Beta version up previously, I'm sure you can do that. Alternatively, make sure the new extension works with the old version of Enpass please.
  12. Thanks for this information. *sigh* Looks like it's time for me to go looking for another password manager. The main problem isn't that the desktop version which was previously fully free now has premium features, although them breaking their word on this does nothing to make me believe they won't make another promise breaking change in the future (mark my words, they will if customers put up with it). That is a secondary problem (for me at least). The main problem is that they are now tieing my password manager to someone elses ecosystem. And if for any reason I decide to leave that ecosystem, I'll be screwed. I speak from experience by the way. I have purchased both the android and ios apps. The ios app I purchased for someone in my family who uses ios and they are locked in to the apple ecosystem. The android app I purchased because that was the only way to get it for android. However there came a time when I decided to use my phone without any of google's services, and that meant that I would have to a) forego using the password manager I paid for, or use the minimal functionality the free version provided, or put google's software back on, just for this one application. On the mac and windows we weren't locked into any ecosystem. You didn't need an apple id to use your password manager's full features, You didn't need a microsoft account to use the full features. Now you do. If for any reason microsoft's or apple's servers go down, or you decide you simply don't want to be a part of that ecosystem anymore, you're in a pickle. Worse still, what if a law is passed requiring those companies to force vendors who distribute software to provide backdoors into their apps. These are all closed source apps, we'd never know until it was too late. The trust I placed in Enpass is well and truly gone, and it's time for me to start looking at other options. Thankfully open source, cross-platform alternatives like Pass - https://www.passwordstore.org https://github.com/zeapo/Android-Password-Store https://github.com/mssun/passforios If enpass were ever to rollback these anti-features and prove they listen to their customers I'd love to be proven wrong. Sadly, it seems the product managers are about maximizing monetization and easier development than they are looking out for their customers' best interests. Or rather, customers that don't fit into a particular group. That's a totally valid business approach, but not what I expected when I started using this app.
  13. Title says it all. I need and old version of the chrome extension. My extension got auto-updated to version 6 which does not work with version 5.6.10 of the windows desktop client.I'm not interested in updating to version 6 because it removed the capability to do touchID logins on the mac. I'm also not updating my android or iOS apps I paid for based on the rollout thus far as I don't know what other, unwanted changes will be coming in the future. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to start looking at another password manager, just as I did when 1Password made changes that were not in my (the end user's) best interest.
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