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  1. Msecure? thats an app you cant download it. I have Windows 10 LTSC without a Store Windows 10 Home and Professional are Beta testers and i dont have the time for that . Im still using MyPhone Explorer for Enpass WiFi Sync. I don't know why they don't implement Wifi sync, what i do know is that their headquarters is moved to the States. And i bought this because they weren't in the States. And now they love to share it all with them included their clouds. So yess for safety reasons i look for another one OUTSIDE the States.
  2. Would love to see this in Samsung Dex. Almost all my apps work in Dex, only Enpass not. hope they have a fix soon!
  3. Maybe Enpass 7?, but to be honest i dont think so. There isnt any development so far.
  4. It's true they promised that several times in the past. We all know that was a little lie...
  5. I still use WIFI sync with MyPhoneExplorer. It's a great piece of software for your Pc's/Phone Backups/Sync. Not easy to start with, but when its working its great! Il backup/sync. Enpass, Photo's, all my Office documents apk and gpx files. You named it and it backups or Syncs :-)
  6. Still No Update for the Traditional Windows version...
  7. my Windows pc have a different email then my Android and i purchase them both.
  8. Mozilla Firefox works fine. SRWare Iron (Chrome fork) works fine. No issues so far....
  9. https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ Choose the tab "extensions"
  10. Its one click with the Store Version and its one click with the Traditional version. I use them both. No problem with Firefox so far Try to remove the extension and install him again. And look if you dont have two extensions active. The same counts for Enpass you cant have both installed
  11. No issues for me, i have Firefox 64.0 and enpass extension 6.0.0 from 28 dec. Are you sure you dont have an old extension active?
  12. I hope they implement this soon.
  13. You need a Microsoft account, it wont work on a local account. I have a Windows 10 LTSC version who dont have a Store, but Enpass works great on it. Only its a shame that i dont can have the Premium Features.
  14. Hi Hemant, I would love to use the Store version (i installed and buy one on my Surface Pro) But my Main computer i have installed Windows 10 LTSC (this has No Store!, No Edge!, No Cortana etc.) This Windows version give you much more stabillity in the Windows invirement.
  15. Open the Final version of Enpass and look at Premium Functions. There you can read "Will be available in Store version only."
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