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  1. No problem, I switched to Bitwarden which has much more features. And team functionality.
  2. I switched to Bitwarden with bitwarden_rs as docker container for syncing to all devices, it has DEX support and better browser plugin
  3. Hi, I use Enpass on my Windows 10 workstations and notebooks and Android smartphones for a long time now. Last week I replaced my Windows 10 notebook with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for mobile computing. The Samsung UI has a Windows-like desktop mode DEX with window support. Enpass isn´t able to start on it, theres a message that Enpass isn´t able to start in DEX mode - I should switch back to tablet fullwindows mode if I want to use it. Maybe that´s something for your todo list, would be a bummer if it doesn´t work on Samsung tablets. Thanks!
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